You can make a difference!

2007-12-01 20:04:17 by lukedraik

Hi everyone, I dunno if you really care or not, but I wanted to spread the word about an organization called invisible children who are hosting a program called schools for schools...

...Schools for schools is basically getting your school involved in fundraising to help build schools in Uganda, where civil war has been going on for almost 20 years. All you have to do is try to start a club at your school, or just donate money to anywhere that's participating!

Also, because I know that this sounds more like an advert than a news post, I'm thinking of getting into coding again, action script and non-actionscript codes. I'm working on something like an audio visualizer/player (Yes, it sounds like I'm ripping-off newgrounds, but I assure you, I'm not trying to) that can have audio files uploaded to it via RSS feeds or something like that.

Also, that game I had going, Daisukai, will prolly become smaller than I had hoped it would be. But I shall make it a worthy RPG game for newgrounds, after I change the name til I'm happy with it. Any advice will be nice! (No, this will not be as low quality as my other submissions, this'll be really fun, I promise!)

So, before I lose you to my boring news post, I probably shouldn't have made this in the first place. ^_____^

Just remember, all you have to do is donate, and you can help make a difference! Have a nice life!

Characters Sketches

2007-11-23 11:00:07 by lukedraik

I've finally gotten some of my sketches scanned, and I decided that maybe I should post them so people on newgrounds could critic! (Although this isn't an art site, I know that! ^____^) I don't think anyone is really going to read this though, but you never know!

Anyways, I have a comic that's been going on, and I decided that I should get character sketches before starting, so I drew some over time, and now I'll post them here! What do you think? (And no, none of them are suppost to look like Naruto, or Inuyasha, or whatever you're going to say they look like, I would know! ^___^; Well, maybe some might resemble him...)

Here they are, what do you think?

Characters Sketches

I never thought it would be that popular, but apparently 'Emily's Trip' got an awesome score, and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted and especially everyone who reviewed! =D I'm glad that people can enjoy what I've made, and just wanted to share what's been posted.

If you haven't seen it already, go watch it on my page! And sorry if I'm overreacting here, I'm just excited that it's enjoyable, I know Emily loved it! =D

Once again thanks, and if you haven't seen it, go watch it and review! =D

Happy Birthday Emily! =D

2007-09-15 12:56:04 by lukedraik

I've finally finished Emily's birthday movie! =D It's rushed, and not teh best, but it's my best movie so far, and has alength of 3:27, and 3:59 including credits! =D Exciting! XD

Anyways, I'll be working on other videos that will be better! =D For now, enjoy Emily's birthday present! =D

Deadline Closing In...

2007-09-12 21:42:50 by lukedraik I gotta get working on Emily's Trip. It's almost done, and is my longest movie yet coming in at almost 2 minutes longs, and counting. I have until saturday the 15 to finish, although I can probably finish it on Saturday instead of Friday. Why? Because that's when my friend's birthday is, and this is a present! =P

Anyways, when I'm done with this (which is a real rushjob for now) I'll work on another movie with me and my friend, eclpes! We have so much fun together! XD It'll be done by me, and hopefully he can pull together some music, but it'll be cleaner looking that Em's Trip... (Sorry Em!)

I also have to do A Day at the Mall, Daisukai, and Demon Blade. I haven't started Day at the Mall, but Demon Blade is coming pretty well, and Daisukai hasn't been touched in a while...

Anyways, I'll just be doing those, so if anyone here cares, wait for them, and peace out! XD

Trying Harder

2007-08-05 22:24:38 by lukedraik

Like I said before, I'm back on newgrounds and most likely here to stay. Right now all I have is a short that my friend scripted and I made. But I'm making more! I have an Overhead Skies toon coming up: OS: day at the Mall, which is still unfinished.... Yeah.... anyways, I did go on vacation with my friends from Sweden, which was fun. We saw dolphins, a sting ray, an aligator, and jumping fish. O_o

Well, I'm going to work on some more games, make some more videos, and overall try to make stuff of good quality. Suprisingly, I realized that a 'young' flash author would be 16.... and I'm 13 making websites for people... O_o

The world keeps getting weirder and weirder....


2007-07-17 18:52:47 by lukedraik

I really, really oubt anyone is reading this, but I'm back on newgrounds and probably here to stay. I know all of my submissions aren't so great, but I'm working on better things, and those'll take some time. But if you're interested in seeing better things then what's posted here (allthough I dunno if shorter and better graphics is better) you can visit my site at <a><a> and check it out. I also have games and pictures there, so check those out too and wait for more/better flashes from me. =D